to hopefully a new outlook on the kitchen
Figure 1
8 inch chef knife

What is it used for?

This is your go to kitchen tool, it is the most well rounded multi-tasker out there. If you're going to have one high dollar item in the kitchen, make sure it's a nice heavy duty chef knife.

Hands on Kitchen

forum is dedicated to help everyday people who don't know a marinade from a brine or a chef knife from a bread knife. I hope this forum is able to help people of all types and all ages to cook a little better, and most importantly, help you try new things in the kitchen you would normally never think about attempting. Who would have thought cooking great food could be so easy? Best of all, it doesn't take a person with a cooking background to whip up a great meal, it just takes a few simple steps and a willing mouth for tasting.

I hope you find this forum useful, and hope to make the things that seem not so simple in the kitchen become, simple! If you have a request for a how to guide on a particular type of dish please feel free to post a request on the Forum.

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